Peaks of the Balkans trek is the best way to experience Kosovo, Montenegro & Albania’s unforgettable combination of natural beauty and cultural richness. Moreover, the “Peaks of the Balkans” guide leads through one of the most remote and wild mountainous regions of the Western Balkans. By using shepherd paths and footways, the trail winds through high alpine mountains up to 2300 m above sea level.

Peaks of the Balkans trail is a 192-km cross-border trekking trail through the Accursed Mountains of Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro. Considering the region’s turbulent history and once tightly controlled borders, especially during the communist period, it was impossible to move across these places. No longer. Nowadays, the trek has become very popular and people around the world are coming to visit this very remote area.

Peaks of the Balkans trail is a must-do for any hiker.

The level of difficulty ranges from easy to moderate + but requires good physical condition and mountain equipment.

10 Days
Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro
Moderate +
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Peaks of the Balkans is a trekking route that passes through the high mountains of Kosovo, Montenegro, and Albania. It covers a distance of approximately 200 km and offers scenic views of the region's rugged landscapes and remote communities. The itinerary below starts from Albania, however, when booking, you can choose where to start and where to end up.


Meet your fellow travelers in Tirana and drive to Thethi National Park.

Meet and greet with the guide in Tirana city, followed by a transfer towards Theth, passing through the beautiful Valley of Boga, gate to the Albanian Alps.

We will stop at Qafe Thore – the diagonal Pass, to enjoy the spectacular mountainous landscape unfolding in front of us. We will switch to a local van and drive downhill to a nice guesthouse in the village where we will stay overnight and enjoy a tasty homemade meal.

In the afternoon, we will have a short walk into Thethi National Park.

Note: We can arrange transfer from Podgorica as well.

Accommodation: Guesthouse
Meals: Lunch, Dinner
Drive: 2hr 10min.


Hike from Theth to Valbona via Spectacular Valbona Pass

Today our trail heads towards spectacular Valbona Pass. It's not a particularly hard walk and is one that is attempted by many first-time mountain walkers. For the next couple of hours, the trail climbs slightly more steeply towards higher ground and we walk over a pass known as Valbona Pass. After several hours hiking uphill, we stop at the Zefi’s housing for a hot mountain tea.

Resuming our hike for another 45-min, we continue ascending to the Valbona col (1792m) where we have outstanding views of the Albanian Alps and the Valley of Valbona.

After lunch, we make our way down to the valley. Of course, we can choose whether to independently continue walking down on the main wide dried up riverbed road or take a van to avoid it.

Trek: 16.3Km; Uphill: 1040m, Downhill: 945m; Maximum altitude: 1759m; Time: 6-7hrs
Difficulty: Moderate/Challenging
Accommodation: Guesthouse
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Hike up the epic and remote “Prejsllopi Pass” trail. Overnight in Cerem

After a hearty breakfast and a cup of hot mountain tea with honey, we will start ascending the steep zig-zag trail to the epic and remote Prejsllopi Pass. Having several hours of hiking, we'll reach the highest point of our trip today (2000m) as we hike a series of switchbacks over a pass that offers outstanding views of the snowcapped peaks of the Alps Range in every direction.

After crossing the border and thrusting into Montenegro, we will stop for lunch at Bori Pass, a flat spot with grass, a meadow for many shepherds from Cerem and Vuthaj. It’s a perfect place to have a nap.

From here, we continue trekking another 30 minutes toward the shepherd's hut where we'll enjoy a final coffee and mountain tea. Henceforward we can see the village of Cerem where we'll stay tonight after another 2 hours of further hiking downhill to reach our destination.

Trek: 13.5Km; Uphill: 1150m, Downhill: 870m; Maximum altitude: 2039m; Time: 7-8hr
Difficulty: Moderate/Challenging
Accommodation: Guesthouse
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Trek from Cerem to Doberdol, a vast alpine pasture

After the breakfast and a cup of hot mountain tea, we continue the trek to Doberdol. Leaving Çerem and the Kollata massif behind, we walk slowly in the forest for a couple of hours.

Today’s hike is a relatively long hike with lots of ups, downs and mostly is into the forest. We briefly cross the Montenegro border and return in Albania until we reach the ruins of the old military border post. Further on we take a picnic break at the hamlet of Balqin, which is used by the shepherds during the summer season. After a hearty lunch and coffee break, we continue to walk along a mostly flat, scenic trail through patches of beech forest. We finally reach Doberdol pasture.

Trek: 15.6Km; Uphill: 1025m, Downhill: 440m; Maximum altitude: 1922m; Time: 6-7hr
Difficulty: Moderate
Accommodation: Guesthouse
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Hike up the three border-summit & enjoy the beautiful lakes of Tropoja

Today is a short and easy day that could consider as a rest day after couple of multi-day hikes.

After an early breakfast, today's hike begins through bilberry covered meadows of Dobërdol in the direction of the mountain ridge, which forms the border between the three countries. Our lovely trek tops the magical Three Border summit 2366m, the highest peak for this tour leads us up a trail with views of the Albanian Alps behind where we walked days before. Overnight in Gacaferri mountain hut, Kosovo.

Trek: 7.5Km; Uphill: 690m, Downhill: 630m; Maximum altitude: 2236m; Time: 3-4hr
Difficulty: Easy
Accommodation: Guesthouse
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Hike from Gacaferi hamlet towards Milishefc

After a peaceful night's sleep and a hearty breakfast, we set out for another full day of walking from the hut towards Milishefc pasture. Following one-third of the remaining path, a refreshing swim in a natural pool caps an unforgettable day! Our day finishes at our cozy guesthouse with time around the campfire. All meals included.

Trek: 16.4Km; Uphill: 950m, Downhill: 1045m; Maximum altitude: 2150m; Time: 6-7hr
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
Accommodation: Guesthouse
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Border-Crossing from Milishevc to Babino Polje

Today’s trek starts with an early breakfast before we head off on our first full day of trekking. This is a relatively short hike which passes the border between Kosovo and Montenegro. It goes through beautiful mountain areas which passes featuring colorful breathtaking views. After passing the border we go gradually down to Babino Polie.

Trek: 13.8Km; Uphill: 840m, Downhill: 920m; Maximum altitude: 2167m; Time: 5-6hr
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Babino Polie – Plav. Explore old town of Plav

After breakfast, we set out on beautiful lake Hrid Jezero for a cool swim in the middle of a forest. After having rest, we continue to a vantage point providing magnificent views of the surrounding landscape where You enjoy a picnic lunch in this picturesque setting surrounded by a lot of beech trees.

The mostly off-trail route passes through typical patches of forest with panoramic views of the Prokletije including Albanian Alps off in the distance. There is free time for a stroll through town, visiting the lake or to relax at our guesthouse, before we gather for dinner.

Trek: 21.2Km; Uphill: 607m, Downhill: 1190m; Maximum altitude: 2068m; Time: 7-8hr
Difficulty: Moderate
Accommodation: Guesthouse
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Walk overlooking the spectacular of Karanfili's massif

Enjoy waking up with a hot drink, then settle in for a hearty breakfast, snap a few last-minute photographs, then prepare for a short drive to Grbaja Valley.

Our trek starts out with a gradual uphill passing through the forest and ultimately arriving at Vallushnica Peak, the first peak for today's hike. The views here are fantastic! The last part of the trail passes across the ridge before the final ascent, Taljanka Peak, 2056m. Finding the perfect spot for a picnic lunch, we take time to soak in all of the beauty of this special spot. After lunch, we’ll descent down to the Valley and then take a transfer back to Vusanje. All meals included.

Trek: 9.93Km; Uphill: 1020m, Downhill: 964m; Maximum altitude: 2056m; Time: 5-6hr
Difficulty: Moderate/Challenging
Accommodation: Guesthouse
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Drive: 40min both ways


DAY 10
Spectacular hike from Vusanje to Theth – Drive to Shkoder

Start the day with a delicious breakfast and watch as the fog burns away opening to spectacular views of the Albanian Alps. We start with a short 4x4-drive to Ropojana Valley, the starting point of the trek.

Today’s cross-border trail into Prokletije National Park, crossing from Montenegro to Albania is certain to be a memorable one.

The path passes along the craggiest part of the Prokletje/Bjeshkёt e Namuna/Alpet Shqipёtare Mountains. Almost the entire hike is surrounded by steep mountains with stunning views. This itinerary allows us a glance into the region’s past when it was a forbidden zone during the Communist era. A border military post, some bunkers and the border crossing pyramid sign still remain by the crossing. We will have picnic lunch in lush Alpine meadows carpeted with wildflowers and full of butterflies. The hike finishes in Theth, where it all started. We'll celebrate for the beautiful day and newfound friendships.

Transport from Theth to Shkoder after the hike.

Trek: 17.8Km; Uphill: 788m, Downhill: 1231m; Maximum altitude: 1734m; Time: 6-7hr
Difficulty: Moderate
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
Drive: 2hr 10min

Note: The guided Peaks of the Balkans trail has been adapted slightly to meet the needs of most travelers. The tour can be booked for a minimum of two people, private groups, or can be taken on a self-guided tour.


Customized tour

We can adapt the trail based on your requests: as many days as you want to hike, transport, local 4x4 transport, luggage transport as well as transport from and to Tirana, Podgorica etc.

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The following checklist has been created to help you choose your clothing and gear for this trip. Try to keep the weight of your equipment to a minimum. Feel free to give us a call at 00383-49-601-007 if you have any questions regarding the gear list.


- Good Hiking shoes
- Day pack (20L – 35L)
- Trekking Poles
- Sunhat, Sunglasses, Sun cream
- Ear Plugs
- Fleece Hat
- Rain jacket
- Warm fleece jacket or jumper
- Rain pants
- Long Sleeve Shirts (Synthetic, Lightweight)
- Trekking trousers
- Anti-bacterial hand gel
- Personal First Aid Kit/Medications (Lightweight)
- 2 x 1-liter water bottle
- Insect spray
- Water purification tablets
(Water is provided, but very often this is from local wells or mountain streams and is not chlorinated. If you are concerned about drinking untreated water, we suggest you bring a supply of water treatment tablets.)


  • Flashlight or Headlamp
    - Shorts
    - Trainers or sandals
    - Bandana
    - Liner Socks (Synthetic)
    - Shoes for Travel and Free Time
    - Casual Clothing for Travel and Town Wear (Lightweight, Easily Washable)
    - Spare laces
    - Luggage Tags and Locks
    - Pen-knife
    - Camera and Accessories
    - Reading and Writing Materials
    - Small Binoculars
    - Whistle
    - Reusable cloth bag for shopping (to avoid plastic bags)



What's Included in the price

- English-speaking local guide
- Transport from Tirana/Podgorica to Theth and back
- Private accommodation during the trek
- All food during the hike
- All land transport required by the itinerary
- Border permits
- Luggage transport

Not Included

- Hotels before or after the trek
- Alcoholic beverages or soft drink
- Items of a personal sort
- Tips for the guide and local staff
- Other transport not required by the itinerary
- Airline tickets and travel insurance


TRAVEL DOCUMENTS: Airline Tickets (Confirmation and Itinerary) & Passport

The unit of currency in Albania is the Lek (ALL). However, the Euro is accepted. The unit of currency in Kosovo and Montenegro is the Euro. Note: Buying Lek is possible only in Albania

ATM Availability (While Trekking)

  • Peje
  • Plav
  • Bajram Curri (17Km away from Valbona)

LOCAL TIME: Time zone: GMT +1

ELECTRICITY: Electric supply and plugs: 220V, 50 Hz, two-pin round plugs.



  • Western Balkans - Lonely Planet
  • The Accursed Mountains - Robert Carver
  • Kosovo: Gillian Gloyer - Bradt
  • Albania: Gillian Gloyer - Bradt
  • Broken April - Ismail Kadare
  • High Albania - Edith Durham



No visa is required for most nationalities, including UK passport holders, most other EU nationalities, US, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand.

Check out if you need a visa to enter Montenegro.

No visa is required for most nationalities, including UK passport holders, most other EU nationalities, US, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand.


Kosovo - Albania - Montenegro

There are no specific health risks.