Going out for a day hike is a great way to experience nature and see some amazing views of the area. We offer day hikes in Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, and North Macedonia. Your guide is knowledgeable about flora, fauna, mountain names, history, and of course, he or she knows the best way to go. Perhaps you already have a particular hike in mind. If not, just give us the place that beats you and we will gladly prepare a customized hike that suits you.


Mount Gjeravica Balkan Mountains, a happy guest on the top



Rightly people call it the heart of Kosovo. Gjeravica seems almost from all parts of Kosovo, like a giant mountain that stands alone and fearless, as the highest peak in Kosovo. It is the highest peak in Kosovo, the second-highest of Accursed Mountains, and the sixth of Balkan mountains with an altitude of 2656m. It is located in the Western part of Kosovo, near its border with Albania and Montenegro.

There are a lot of options to climb the peak; from Gropa Ereniku valley, Vokshi huts, from Doberdol Albania, and from BabinoPolje Montenegro.

Our hike begins in Pristina, Kosovo. Meet your guide and fellow travelers followed by a transfer to Junik. After a three-hour drive, we will reach Gropa Erenikut where we start hiking to the Gjeravica summit.


HIKE: 13 Km; 7-8 Hrs; Elevation gain/loss: 970 M.


Mount Korabi (Albanian: Maja e Korabit, Macedonian: Golem Korab) is a very rugged mountain massif standing at 2764m high between Albania and Macedonia in Balkan Mountains. With 2764m altitude makes the highest peak for both countries, one of two summits in Europe being the national highpoint for more than one country, and the 13th highest national point in Europe.

There are many routes up to Korabi, though the mountain is mostly climbed from both Macedonia and Albania sides, which have more organized hiking and mountaineering activities. Even though there is another route to the top from Restelica, Kosovo which is longer and not well-marked. However, we will start at Radomire, Peshkopi.

Our trip begins in Pristina, Kosovo. Meet your trip leader and fellow travelers then transfer to Radomire, Peshkopi. After a three-hour drive, we will reach Radomire village where we stay overnight. Early this morning (prior to 5 am) we head off on our first full day of hiking.

Hiking Balkans


Hiking Balkan Mount KorabMount Korab - The highest peak in Albania

HIKE: 16 Km; 8-9 Hrs; Elevation gain/loss: 1460 M.


Tito vrv Summit North Macedonia


TITO VRV, 2747 M

Titov Vrv (Tito's peak) is the highest peak of the Sharr Planina-Range, which stretches along the Macedonian-Kosovarian border. With 2.747m, it is also the second-highest peak of North Macedonia. The highest peak in Macedonia on the border with Albania is Golem Korab as the fourth summit of the Balkan Mountains. Its summit is located east of the border so the peak is completely with Macedonian boundaries. On top of the mountain, there is a small tower, so you can recognize the mountain from the distance.

It takes four to eight hours depending on your ability (and starting point) to ascend to the top so make sure you make an early start. Our guide offers a starting point from both sites, Popova Shapka in North Macedonia and Brod in Kosovo.

HIKE: 24 Km; 9-10 Hrs; Elevation gain/loss: 1500 M.

Hiking Balkans


What to Bring Day Hiking

Ever since you are only going out on the trail for a day, you can travel light and fast with a lower-volume pack and minimal additional gear. These items should be on your hiking checklist:

  • A low-volume day pack
  • Trekking poles
  • Headlamp
  • Weather-appropriate cloths
  • Hiking boots or shoes
  • Plenty of food
  • Plenty of water
  • First-aid kit
  • Knife or multi-tool
Hiking Balkans

Who can participate in this activity?

  • The minimum size for this tour is 2 members, whereas the maximum is 10
  • A good level of physical fitness is required
  • This hike is not suitable for people with heart or back problems or for pregnant women.

Hiking Balkans




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