We love to travel and we want to share with other people our love for Nature, for authentic experiences, and for the gorgeous and still most unspoiled countries of Kosovo and Albania. We'll show you big highlights from bustling cities to jaw-dropping National Parks, and incredible places so hidden only locals like us know about them - but we're happy to share it.

Trek Balkan's distinctive style of travel offers something different from your ordinary guided tour or package holiday. Every year thousands of people from all over the world find that our group adventure holidays offer a great value, easy and dependable, and fun way to explore Western Balkan.

Trek Balkan Tour Leaders are home-grown, knowledgeable, and fun-loving folks with a passion for showing you the real Kosovo & Albania. We choose only the most enthusiastic and committed people to become Tour Leaders and train them extensively. After all, we believe that the most important ingredient for the success of the tour is a great leader.





Adnan Beqiraj Mountain Guide

Founder & Tour Leader

Having worked for eight years as a guide himself, Adnan saw a need for a locally owned and operated trekking company that would bring international standards to Balkans’ trekking sector. He and his partner, Gonxhe, started Trek Balkan LLC. With practically eight years of accumulated experience between them, as a desire to share their passion for traveling and for exploring what our countries have to offer.

Adnan gained a master’s degree in Business Administration in Tirana, Albania with an aim to work in the Business sector. However, his situation soon changed, and he started his career as a trekking guide. He has now successfully managed hundreds of tours and trekking packages through Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro. Adnan’s desire is to ensure that Trek Balkan maintains its high quality of services and stays true to its mission of offering customers the most unforgettable and authentic travel experience of their lives. You will love where we take you.



Founder & Product Manager

The co-founder of Trek Balkan, Gonxhe Zeqiri, born in Pristina, is a city kid. When she and her sister had decided to go hiking for the first time, they were encouraged only by their desire to see the beauties of nature. Gonxhe is distinguished by self-confident and positive thinking, but the difficulties of walking for twelve, thirteen hours to a mountain peak could not be imagined by her.

This was a successful flyer that revealed a new and attractive world. For five-six years she walked hundreds of miles of tough mountain paths and climbed the tens of Kosovo and Albania's mountain peaks. The majesty of the Albanian Alps impressed her too much and gave her inexhaustible energy and pleasure to deal with mountaineering. Kelmendi, Thethi, Shala River, Bjeshkët e Nemuna, Valbona Valley, Mount Jezerca, and many other wonderful places like those she keeps in her heart. This deep affection and positive energy, with her heartfelt smile, is always conveyed to those she goes with.

Gonxhe Zeqiri TrekBalkan




Australasian Agent & Travel Expert

Chas has traveled extensively and has hiked many of the world's iconic multi-day and one-day trails. In 2015 he visited Albania and Kosovo for the first time and immediately fell in love with the people and the paths of the Albanian Alps. Now Chas returns every year to discover new tracks to hike and old ones to revisit. He would love to introduce others from his home region to this, perhaps the fastest-growing destination for international hikers.

Although a lot of useful information can be found in the individual trip notes, frequently asked questions, or on our website, it’s always helpful talking to a travel expert.

Auckland, New Zealand.



We specialize in offering amazing small-group adventures and travel tours across Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro. With a collective experience of more than six years, we have been showing groups of travelers from all over the world the best and still the most unspoiled places of Western Balkan. With over 10 unique itineraries from 3 days to 15 in length, we have designed the best tour by listening to travelers then giving them what they really want; high-quality tours of exceptional value.


Unforgettable Experiences

On our trips, you'll see a mix of phenomenal sights and hidden gems of Western Balkans that others miss, or don't even know about. We believe that we provide well-designed tours that connect travelers to the Balkans and their people, creating authentic, unforgettable travel experiences.


Small Groups

Our maximum group size is just 7; big and small enough to get engaged and familiar with guides and locals. Small group adventure travel brings you closer to our world, people, their culture, unspoiled places where few tourists venture – beautiful, remote, peaceful, and wild.



Unique adventures are included on every trip. Beautiful trip with hearty services.


Established by a team of travel seekers with a collective experience of more than 8 years.



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